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We place orders with vendors days ahead of pick up so that they can plan their production, reduce waste, and give staff time to make their amazing products. This also allows us to limit our environmental impact and reduce delivery fees for you.
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How we work with our vendors

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We help our vendors plan their production & minimize waste. 
Unlike real-time delivery services that order minutes ahead of time, we order days ahead of time so vendors can plan their production and minimize waste.
We don’t charge a set commission to our vendors. 
Instead, we purchase products at mutually agreed upon economically sustainable wholesale prices.
We uphold the strong brands that our iconic vendors have built.
As a result, we only work with businesses and farms that produce the highest quality, responsibly sourced products.
We help vendors reach their far away customers.
We deliver to far away customers who live up to 100 miles away. This means that we’re not competing with our vendor's in-store sales. Instead, we’re helping them reach new customers.
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