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Legendary Artichoke Garlic Herb Bread

$ 8 
Arcangeli Grocery is a family-run operation famous for their artichoke bread that is stuffed with fresh artichokes, garlic and herbs. The family of bakers at Arcangeli Grocery has been baking this bread since 1929. Taste the flavors passed down generations and the local ingredients chosen from family farms. This is loaf partially baked! Bake for 10 minutes to finish, or store in freezer.
Unbleached wheat flour, barley, malt, garlic, sugar, artichokes, spices, pepper, butter, vinegar, cornmeal, soy oil, yeast, vegetable shortening, dough conditioner, salt lactic acid, ascorbic acid, wheat gluten
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Legendary Artichoke Garlic Herb Bread
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