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Our Mission

We are driven to serve the needs of the community by supporting local businesses and farmers while giving our customers access to the very best food their community has to offer. Our philosophy is that when the local economy flourishes, our quality of life improves with it. Our schools have more funding, our children are better equipped to find summer jobs, and you as a consumer can benefit from better quality goods. We think the majority of our food can be purchased locally, and our goal is to offer a convenient way to do so.

Meet the team

Chris Clark

Chris grew up in Los Gatos and graduated from Cal Poly SLO. He’s always loved supporting local businesses at farmers markets and exploring the Bay to try new, interesting food. His favorite part of Locale is being able to connect residents with the best food in the Bay and finding creative ways to support our local economy. He loves being outdoors - either at the beach and scuba diving in the summer or skiing in the winter.

Jonathan Friedland

Jonathan went to Los Gatos High School and graduated from UCLA in 2019. He started Locale with Chris by sending a Google form to their parents and friends asking them to order. Over the past year, Locale has helped people discover and support dozens of amazing local businesses. Jonathan grew up in the Bay Area, surfing at Pleasure Point and gives back to our community by serving on the Board of the Los Gatos Chamber of Commerce.

Kaveh Nemati
Head of Finance

Kaveh grew up in Cupertino and went to Cal Poly SLO. He comes from a background of working in agtech and jumps at any opportunity to support or work with farmers. He also enjoys trying new restaurants and connecting with local people to explore their food interests. Both of which, Locale has given him the opportunity to do. In his free time, he likes to play soccer, snowboard, and read books.

Avto Grigolia
Design Director

Avto grew up in Cupertino and graduated from California College of the Arts with a degree in Interaction Design. His hopes are to use design thinking to help simplify the process of buying fresh food and giving the public access to quality local businesses. He enjoys activities like hiking, snowboarding, and meditation.

Ryan Dale
Head of Operations

Ryan graduated from Los Gatos High School in 2016 and has a degree from USC in Mechanical Engineering. A huge fan of quality, local food, he jumped at the opportunity to join his friends grow Locale. His favorite part of his job is working with the talented team that makes Locale’s mission possible. Outside of work, he enjoys snowboarding and spending time with his friends and family.

Ellie Rizol
Human Resources Manager

Ellie grew up in the Bay Area and graduated from Colorado State University. She looks for a strong sense of community wherever she goes and found that in working with Locale. Ellie enjoys nurturing a rewarding environment by creating an engaging experience for every individual. When she’s not working, you’ll find her developing competition horses, going on walks with her dog, or eating tasty foods with friends.

Grace Simmons
Copywriter, Marketing Manager

Grace grew up in Santa Monica and graduated from UC Davis in 2019 with a BS in Communications and Professional Writing. Food is her passion and she has a background cooking in a Michelin Star fine dining restaurant in San Francisco. She found her home at Locale, the perfect marriage between writing and food. Her favorite part about her work is speaking with the restaurant owners, food entrepreneurs, and farmers who make up the Locale community.

Christine Bowser
Affiliate Marketing Manager

Christine is currently a senior at San Diego State University planning to graduate next Spring. She was born and raised in Los Gatos and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to intern at Locale knowing it was rooted in my local community.  She’s  passionate about supporting local businesses and knowing exactly where her food is from. She loves going on hikes, laying out at the beach, and spending time with people who make her smile.

Karthik Sekhar
Bay Area Operations Manager

Karthik grew up in Cupertino and graduated from UC Irvine in 2020. He’s passionate about quality food and supporting local business. Joining Locale was the perfect opportunity for him to pursue these interests with a dedicated and talented team. His favorite part of work is being able to make quality food and ingredients widely accessible while helping to grow local vendors. He enjoys snowboarding, concerts, and watching Warriors games.

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